New GROUPAUTO International shareholders

Neuilly-Sur-Seine, 30th May 2023 – During the GROUPAUTO General Assembly today, the Shareholders decided to increase the share capital of the company with the creation and issuance of new ordinary shares.

The subscription to these new ordinary shares was offered to GROUPAUTO Asia, GROUPAUTO Brazil and GROUPAUTO Mexico. In turn, these companies have been approved as new shareholders.

All three of these GROUPAUTO members have significantly contributed to the success of GROUPAUTO International during the last five years. They were able to considerably increase the turnover with listed suppliers, they succeeded in the acquisition of new distributors, and expanded the EUROGARAGE and TOP TRUCK workshop networks.

Holger Hellmich, President and CEO of GROUPAUTO International declared, “GROUPAUTO is delighted to reward its successful members by offering them shares. Expanding our shareholders allows us to draw on the strengths of our diverse network for the mutual benefit of all GROUPAUTO members.”

Daniel Tung, General Manager of GROUPAUTO Asia, stated, “On behalf of my company GROUPAUTO Asia, I would like to thank GROUPAUTO for this opportunity to become a shareholder. We are delighted that our efforts and hard work have been rewarded in this way and we look forward to continuing our growth with GROUPAUTO.”

Damien Pessey-Girod of GROUPAUTO Mexico added, “This invitation to become a shareholder in GROUPAUTO is an endorsement of our efforts over the last several years, but our acceptance is also an indication of our dedication to GROUPAUTO and the efforts they are making to support the automotive aftermarket.”

Conrado Comolatti Ruivo, GROUPAUTO Brazil, and President of Grupo Comolatti explained, “We invested heavily in digitalization and a business ecosystem to adapt to the changing aftermarket. These investments are paying off and we are ready for the future. We are proud to be part of GROUPAUTO and proud of our contribution. This opportunity to become a shareholder now brings us even closer.”