About us
The purpose of EUROGARAGE is to provide individual vehicle owners and fleet managers with a quality, independent, alternative to dealership service and repair. Our goal is to provide a consistent and professional level of service by supporting our workshop network with four key elements:
We combine these four elements with access to Original Equipment (OE) and OE-Equivalent parts through our affiliation with GROUPAUTO and their world-wide network of Parts Distributors.

The result is a global workshop network of 7316 workshops in 28 countries who are able to provide affordable services for just about any make, model, year of vehicle as well as a high-quality experience for vehicle owners and fleet managers.

A distinctive and professional image identifies you as a member of our market leading network.
Each EUROGARAGE region selects a local brand name for its part of the EUROGARAGE network. The regional network is managed by a local team that understands the culture and expectations of the customers in the region.

This local branding includes workshop signage, vehicle signage, workwear and workshop materials creating a distinctive and professional image that identifies the workshop as part of a trusted network of experts.
Marketing Support
Tools to help you communicate with your customers and attract new business.
Customizable marketing materials including point-of-sale items, leaflets, posters and websites help the workshop to deliver their own specific message to their customers.

The EUROGARAGE region coordinates national promotions and marketing campaigns to supplement and enhance the marketing efforts of the individual workshops.
Connect to suppliers, technical information and vehicles in new ways.
The GROUPAUTO Network Management system (GNM) provides a unique platform to link the Workshop, Vehicle Owner, Fleet Manager, Supplier, Coordinator and the Parts Distributor to the information they need.

This cloud-based system provides the workshop with access to Parts Catalogs and cross-reference, Technical Information, Technical Assistance, Training, Regional Promotions, Supplier Promotions and their own Workshop Website.

Telematics is the newest GNM Module, which is designed to allow the independent workshop to provide “Connected” services to Vehicle Owners and Fleet Managers.
Training & Technical Support
Training programs and tools for your technicians and your business. EUROGARAGE supports its workshop network by providing both technical training and commercial training.
These workshop training programs are further enhanced with regional tradeshows and conferences covering the latest industry topics.

Technical Training includes topics ranging from Emissions Testing and Hybrid Vehicles to Turbochargers.

EUROGARAGE also provides Commercial Training, which includes topics such as workshop operations, consumer marketing and customer care.

Live Telephone Technical Support is also available to assist Technicians with diagnostics questions and vehicle repair problems.