This Year’ Black Friday was the biggest promotional and commercial action ever performed by Rede Pitstop.

Black Friday at Rede Pitstop EuroGarage, was a great success. And, no doubt, was the biggest promotional and commercial action ever performed by Rede PitStop EuroGarage.

This Year, the strategy was focused on enjoying the moment to expose our brand and make it possible for members to count on special prices from partner manufacturers to offer their customers.

The Black Friday happens on last November 24 and in the weeks leading up to it, the Rede PitStop EuroGarage performed a series of actions.

They were ads on Television, Radio, web and Social Media, besides content on our website, with the theme "The Real Black Friday is on PitStop ".

The results were extremely positive. We have reached more than 1.5 million people who have been impacted in somehow by the ads and published content. We had an approximate flow of 1.5 thousand users who searched through our website to better understand the promotions and to search the nearest stores.

"These numbers give us the certainty that the members were directly benefited by the pac of actions, either with the direct sale or with the brand strengthening. That´s why we reinforce the importance of visual communication and the standardization of the point of sale. The facades with Rede PitStop brand are able to capitalize even better all the initiatives we performed to impact our market," says the director of Groupauto Brazil, Paulo Fabiano.

Another important movement that Black Friday allows us is the close ties between manufacturers, distributors, and members. "We know how important it is for all of us to be close to big manufacturers, which guarantees us, even more, credibility with the consumer," concludes Paulo Fabiano.

Rede PitStop – Groupauto Brazil